Grant Jones

Designer, Photographer, IT Tech and Drummer based in the UK, LAX and Vancouver.

Straight from the ghetto of the UK, with over ten years experience in commercial Graphic Design and a petulant attitude towards any typography that isn’t correctly aligned, I create “pretty pictures” on a daily basis.

Starting at the sprouting age of Ten years old, young and nerdy Grant could not believe the amazing photo manipulation that could be created with a copy of Adobe Photoshop on Windows 98. Back then, in the dark ages of no social media, forums were the backbone of the internet and the more advanced your “forum signature” was designed, the more awesome you were. This lead me to being the “badass sig guy” who would take £1 commissions per design. My multi-million industry was complete.

From there my work spiraled from various images of dicks being Photoshopped into friends’ mouth to being commissioned by reputable companies such as the NHS and Nike. Shame they pay you sod all.

“So what are you doing now?”

With my newfound love for Photography I’m currently traveling. 2018 is for LAX, America and Canada gathering stock photos for sale, commission and database. That’s the plan at least. You can catch me on Flickr, Shutterstock and Instagram. If you’re in the area hit me up for a collab. I’ll frequently be writing on my blog.

Clients:  NHS, ByronTravel, ComShop, Nike, CS Technical Support, Durham Constabulary
Industry:  Photography, Design, Web Design, IT, Whinging.