Jumping forward a few years to Freelancing, Socks, T-Shirts and Poster designs! I think these designs only range from four to two years old dependant on the project. Lumping them in to get out of the way.

I’ve had some… Interesting Freelance work in the past. I had a go at doing my own T-shirts (which ultimately failed due to buying shitty equipment.) with the most notable and odd job being a sock designer! I recieved a message one day from a Canadian company asking if I could design some ‘custom socks’ for them. That was enough to get me straight on board. What a weird little project. I got the details of their company, their past designs and how much I was to be paid (£20/hr for a weird and fun design completely rocked) with complete creative control. Then I just started making a shit load of sock designs. In total I made twenty for the company which sold really well. In hindsight I would of rather had a stake on my designs instead of the flat hourly rate, but shit, it was surprisingly fun.

It’s a shame they ended up going under. Had a good run though.

I’ve thrown in a pub poster that I’ve done, as well as a local business logo. Oh, and an Orwell book cover which I submitted to a competition. Never heard back about that competition but creating it was fun. Trying to illustrate global propaganda for a book cover wasn’t easy – I eventually settled with the image below, a tree illustrating that it’s roots are sunk into the earth and controling the emotion of the populace. Eh, looked way too into it (there was a genuine reason for using a tree but fuck knows what it was. I’m just completely bullshitting as it is) it just looks nice.