So.. This is still old! Four years maybe? If you read my blog posts, you’ll know that University wasn’t exactly a thing for me. Working and partying were more up my road. However, let’s go back to the days of University where I did a shit load of work within the space of a few months. There’s a few digital files here but I still have all the hard copies. Doing Graphic Design at University turned out to mostly entail traditional media opposed to Photoshop which annoyed me to no end but it was probably for the best – I attained a higher level of ‘artistry’ through their methods.

While I only have a few images they massively range in styles from vector illustration to stenciling. The illustration below took way, way, way too long to complete with a total of twenty to thirty hours spent on it. At the time it was literally my first proper attempt at creating a vector image with Illustrator and fuck my life, I never want to do something so time consuming again. Results are great at least. A bunch of marijuana, League of Legends and booze later this mother was finished. Got a few awesome stories of around that time now that I think about it. I’ll post those bad boys up later.