Back in the day I loved just playing around in Photoshop to get used to all of the controls. This is when I found out about the ‘twenty minutes photo manipulation challenge’. In a nutshell you start out with five minutes to create a poster concept (whether it be propaganda style, sketch, line art) and within those five minutes you also can scavenge the internet for the images you’re going to use. Bam! Five minutes are up? Time to compile!

This should really be called the twenty-five minutes challenge since you get five minutes free but that’s besides the point. From this point you now have twenty minutes to make your design, upload it to DeviantArt (fuck you, it was the “in thing” at the time) and get judged!

I only have a few of these but I’ve done countless amounts. They were all lost in transmission. When you’re young you never think of saving your work as it isn’t important. Probably for the best to be fair.

Bonus comic portrait in there too.