As stated here’s a quick update with some awful shots. Met some baby chicks and met a new frog friend. Winning.

For real. Getting used to the 1.8 aperture is a lot harder than expected – a great learning experience though. Only a couple of photos being posted this time. Haven’t taken many and these were the best of the worst just for a content update. Gutted the photos of the chicks/chickens didn’t turn out well so those are getting retaken!

I’ve had to genuinely had to start using the dial on my camera constantly with the new lens! Shock horror! The lens is an absolute beast but is a double edged sword as if you don’t use the correct settings it certainly comes back to bite you in the ass. Thankfully some heavy editing can still make your photos not look proper shit but who wants to heavily edit their shots?

Big photo adventure coming this weekend so plenty of experience to go through! Here’s a sneak preview of my awful shots.