Yo! Long time no update. This one is going to be short. P and I had our first failed Urbex experience! Plenty of photos of the surrounding areas including same bad-ass pigeons made it completely worthwhile, though. And Burger King. Burger King is awesome.

So yeah! Plan was out for 10am – finish by 5pm. We had various sites in mind (around five or six) around Sunderland. We spent three hours driving around trying to find them, a few on foot and the rest googling the shit out of everything. Out of the lot we visited a few! Just to find.. You know, demo’ed building and refurbished landmarks. Wounded.

To make sure it didn’t turn out to be a shitty day of photography the marina was checked in to including a couple of the parks.

Sunderland scavengers are hard as fuck. They have zero fear.