Yo! Long time no type. Busy, lazy and procrastination lead to this being ignored. Not intentionally, but four hours of sleep a night turns your memory to a sieve!

Aiit so, a few weeks back P, S and I hit up a wicked car meetup, even if it did look more like a BMW convention :’). Fantastic motors, wicked people, a local bint who decided we were in a gang, and a dramatic ending. All while trying to keep up to you dickwads in a 1.8 Golf (good fucking effort though!).

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I know fuck all about cars (not through lack of trying, I’m just an idiot with a mate who hammers it in). They’re pretty and go vroom, but damn, every one of these were outstanding. Seriously, I’d never considered saving up for one of these bad boys until I saw them in action. I fell in love with a Mini one of the lads brough through. Damn shame it got backended by the M5 (and for the M5 owner! It was lush).

When the 1.2, 1998 Micra arrives, that sob is getting pimped the fuck out. :’).

Have some photos. Inabit.