Had an interesting little trip through to Ingleston (Inglesbury? Inglesdondonon? It was in the middle of nowhere) to come and see the White Scar Caves caves. Still have my kits lens which seriously didn’t like the low lighting inside. Could of made these so much better if I had remembered to max the ISO at 800, but nevermind. Enjoy the grainy photos!

Have some history:

White Scar Caves were discovered by Cambridge undergraduate Christopher Long in 1923 when he entered the first cave through a crack in the rock. He stuck candles to the brim of his hat to light the way. One of the first things he saw was a waterfall. About 55 tonnes of water cascade over it every minute when it’s in full spate.

The cave was created by the action of carbon dioxide rich water dissolving limestone deposits. It now contains weird and wonderful formations of stalagmites and stalactites. There are literally thousands of stalactites in the 200,000 year old Battlefield Cavern. At more than 100 metres long and up to 30 metres high, it is one of the largest caverns in Britain.